Linkword courses are authored by Dr Michael Grunberg, an internationally recognised expert on learning and memory improvement.

Evidence of performance levels up to 3 times normal speed of learning, have been published in peer review journals. No other commercial language courses have provided published evidence of performance levels of learners.

About Dr Michael Gruneberg

Dr Michael Gruneberg

Dr Gruneberg, the author of the Linkword courses is an internationally recognised expert in applying memory research to the field of memory improvement.

In 1978 he and two colleagues published the conference book, Practical Aspects of Memory, which was recently described in the leading textbook on memory as launching the everyday memory movement (Baddeley et al 2015)

In 1991 He was invited to give the opening address at the conference on New approaches to Memory improvement, held in Schenecdedy, New York State. The address and papers were later published by Springer Verlag.

He is a past president of the International Learned Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition

He has published books on Memory with leading academic publishers including Academic Press, John Wiley, Laurence Erlbaum, Routledge, Hogrefe, as well as a large number of academic research studies on the nature of memory and memory improvement.

The Linkword courses use many scientifically established memory improvement strategies to increase speed of learning and enjoyment of learning. Studies published by Dr Gruneberg and others show the underlying method can increase speed of learning by up to three times normal. Dr Gruneberg worked with language experts to ensure the accuracy of all the courses.

Do you find learning a language boring or difficult?

Dr Gruneberg explaining how Linkword has changed this with over 750,000 courses sold worldwide.

Published Research on Linkword

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Popular Memory Books

Gruneberg M and Herrmann D (1997) Your Memory for Life. Cassels. London

Herrmann D and Gruneberg M. (1999) How to cure your Memory Failures. Cassels. London Available as a download from

Herrmann D and Gruneberg M (2008) Supermemory 11 . Strategic books. New York

Academic Books on Memory

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