A large number of independent studies have shown the method used in Linkword courses is up to 3x faster than normal learning methods. Words will just stick in your mind. Even if you think you are poor at languages, Linkword will show you that you can do it.

If you struggled with languages at school it is almost certainly not your fault. It is the way you were taught. Level 1 Hebrew will teach you an extensive vocabulary and basic grammar in 10-12 hours, enough to communicate effectively in a large number of situations you will meet abroad. It is ideal for Travel, Business or Schoolwork and for all ages.

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Animals

Section 2: Hotel, Home, Colours

Section 3: Clothes, Family

Section 4: More useful words, Time words

Section 5: In the Restaurant, Numbers, Telling Time

Section 6: Food & Drink

Section 7: The Workplace, Shopping

Section 8: Travel

Section 9: Leisure Activity

Section 10: The Doctor, Emergency, other useful words


Main Grammar Points:



Definite article

Adjective-noun agreement

Verb-noun agreement






‘Was’ and ‘Were’

Telling the time

Personal pronouns



Question words

My, your etc

Me, you etc


(I) PUT                       SUM
(I) SELL                      MOCHER
(I) SPEAK                     MEDABER
ACCIDENT                      TE'OONA (F)
ADDRESS                       KTOVET
AEROPLANE                     MATOSS (M)
ALSO                          GUM
AMBULANCE                     AMBOO-LANCE (M)
ANIMAL                        CHAYA
APPLE                         TAPOO'ACH (M)
AVOCADO                       AVOCADO (M)
BACK                          GUV (M)
BAD                           RA
BANK                          BUNK (M)
BATH                          AMBATTYA
BAY                           MIFRATZ (M)
BEAN                          SHOO'EET (F)
BED                           MEETA
BEE                           DVORA 
BEEF                          BAKAR (M)
BILL (CHECK)                  CHESHBON (M)
BIRD                          TZIPOR
BLACK                         SHACHOR
BLOOD                         DUM (M)
BLUE                          KACHOL
BONNET (Hood)                 MICHSE (M)
BOOK                          SEFER (M)
BOTTLE                        BAKBOOK (M)
BOY                           YELED
BRAKE                         BALAM (M)
BREAD                         LECHEM (M)
BRIDGE                        GESHER (M)
BROTHER                       ACH
BROWN                         KHOOM
BUCKET                        D'LI (M)
BULL                          PAR
BUS                           OTOBOOS (M)
BUTTER                        CHEM'A (F)
BUTTERFLY                     PARPAR
CABBAGE                       KROOV (M)
CAMEL                         GAMAL
CAR                           MECHONEET (F)
CARP                          KARPION
CASH TILL                     KOOPA (F)
CAT                           CHATOOL
CAULIFLOWER                   KROOVEET (F)
CHAIR                         KISSEH
CHANGE (Money)                ODEF (M)
CHEQUE (check)                SHEK (M)
CLOCK                         SHA'ON
COAT                          MEY'EELL
COFFEE                        KAFE (M)
COLD                          KAR
COW                           PARA
CUP                           SEFEL (M)
CUPBOARD                      ARON
CURTAIN                       VEELON
CUSTOMS                       MECHES (M)
DANGER                        SAKANA (F)
DATE                          TAMAR (M)
DAUGHTER                      BUT
DAY                           YOM (M)
DEATH                         MAVET (M)
DEEP                          AMOK
DENTIST                       ROFEH SHINAYIM (M)
DINING ROOM                   CHADAR OCHEL
DOCTOR                        ROFEH (M)
DOG                           KELEV
DONKEY                        CHAMOR
DOOR                          DELET
DRAWER                        MEGAYRA
DRESS                         SIMLA
DRINKS                        SHOTEH
DRIVER                        NAHAG (M)
DUCK                          BARVAZ
EARTH (SOIL)                  ADAMA (F)
EATS                          OCHEL
EGG                           BAYTZA (F)
EIGHT                         SHMONEH
ELEPHANT                      PEEL
ELEVEN                        ACHAT ESRAY
ENTRANCE                      KNISA (F)
ENVELOPE                      MA'ATAFA (F)
EVENING                       EREV
EVERY (ALL)                   KOL
EXIT                          YETZEE'A (F)
EYE                           EYE'IN(F)
FACE                          PANEEM (Plural)
FATHER                        AV
FIRE                          AISH (F)
FIRM                          CHEVRA (F)
FIRST                         REESHON (M)
FISH                          DUG
FIVE                          CHAMAISH
FLOOR                         RITZPA
FLOWER                        PERACH (M)
FOOT (Leg)                    REGEL (F)
FOR                           L'
FORK                          MAZLEG (M)
FOUR                          ARBA
FRESH                         TAREE
FRIDAY                        YOM SHEESHEE
FRIEND                        CHAVER

FROG                          TZFARDEYA
FROM                          MEE
FRUIT                         PREE (M)
GARAGE                        MOOSACH (M)
GARDEN                        GUN (M)
GARLIC                        SHUM (M)
GENTLEMEN (MEN)               GVAREEM (M)
GIRL                          YALDA
GOAT                          EZ
GOOD                          TOV
GOODBYE                       SHALOM (M)
GOODNIGHT                     LAYLA TOV
GOODS                         S'CHORA (F)
GOOSE                         AVAZ
GRASS                         DESHEH (M)
GREEN                         YAROK
GREY                          AFOR
HALF                          CHETZI(M)
HAND                          YAD (F)
HARD                          KASHEH
HAT                           KOVA (M)
HE                            HU
HEAD                          ROSH (M)
HEART                         LEV (M)
HELLO                         SHALOM (M)
HELP                          EZRA
HERE                          PO
HOLIDAYS                      CHOFESH (M)
HORSE                         SUS
HOSPITAL                      BET CHOLIM (M)
HOT                           CHAM
HOTEL                         BET MALON (M)
HOUR                          SHA'A (F)
HOW                           AICH
HOW MUCH                      KAMA
HUSBAND                       BA'AL
ILLNESS                       MACHALA (F)
IN                            B'
JACK                          MANOF (M)
JAM                           REEBAH (F)
KITCHEN                       MITBACH
KNIFE                         SAKIN (M)
LADIES (WOMEN)                NASHEEM (F)
LAKE                          AGAM (M)
LANGUAGE                      SAFA
LAST                          ACHARON (M)
LAWYER                        ORECH DIN (M)
LEFT                          SMOL
LESS                          PACHOT
LETTER                        MICHTAV (M)
LIZARD                        LETA'A
MANAGER                       MENAHAIL
MAP                           MAPA (F)
MARKET                        SHOOK (M)
ME (I)                        ANI
MEAT                          BASAR (M)
MELON                         MEL-ON (M)
MENU                          TAFREET (M)
MILK                          CHALAV (M)
MINUTE                        DAKA (F)
MIRROR                        MAR'A
MISTAKE                       SHGEE'A (F)
MONDAY                        YOM SHAINEE
MONEY                         KESEF (M)
MONTH                         CHODESH (M)
MORE                          YOTAIR
MORNING                       BOKER
MOSQUE                        MISGAD (M)
MOTHER                        AIM
MOUNTAIN                      HAR (M)
MUSEUM                        MOZE'ON (M)
MUTTON                        KEVES (M)
NAME                          SHEM
NEVER MIND                    AIN DAVAR
NEWSPAPER                     EETON (M)
NIGHT                         LAYLA (M)
NINE                          TAISHA
NO (OR NOT)                   LO
NOSE                          AF (M)
NOW                           ACHSHAV
NUMBER                        MISPAR
OF                            SHEL
OFFICE                        MISRAD (M)
OIL                           SHEMEN (M)
OLD                           ZAKEN
ON                            AL
ONE                           ACHAT
ONLY                          RUCK
OVER                          ME'AL
OWNER                         BA'ALIM (M)
PAIN                          KE'AIV (M)
PAPER                         NEE-YAR
PASSPORT                      DARKON (M)
PATH                          SHVEEL (M)
PEA                           AFOONA (F)
PEAR                          AGAS (M)
PEN                           AIT (M)
PEPPER                        PILPEL (M)
PETROL (Gasoline)             BENZEEN (M)
PIANO                         PSANTER
PICNIC                        PIKNIK (M)
PINEAPPLE                     ANANAS (M)
PLANT                         TZEMACH (M)
PLEASE                        BEVAKASHA
POLICEMAN                     SHOTER (M)
POOL                          BRECHA (F)
PRETTY                        YAFEH
PRICE                         M'KHEER (M)
PUNCTURE                      TEKER (M)
QUARTER                       REVA (M)
QUIET                         SHAKET 
RECEPTION                     KABALA (F)
RED                           ADOM
RESTAURANT                    MISADA (F)
RICE                          OREZ (M)
RIGHT                         YAMEEN
RIVER                         NAHAR (M)
ROAD                          DERECH (F)
ROOF                          GUG
ROOM                          CHEDER
SALARY                        S'KHAR (M)
SALMON                        SAL-MON
SALT                          MELACH (M)
SAND                          CHOL (M)
SANDAL                        SUN-DAL
SATURDAY                      YOM SHABBAT
SAUCER                        TACHTEET (F)
SEA                           YUM (M)
SECOND                        SHNEEAH (F)
SECRETARY                     MAZKIRA (F)
SEED                          ZERA (M)
SEES                          RO'EH
SEVEN                         SHEVA
SHE                           HEE
SHELF                         MADAF
SHIP                          ONEEYA (F)
SHOE                          NA'AL (F)
SHOP                          CHANOOT (F)
SISTER                        ACHOT
SIX                           SHESH
SKIN                          OR (M)
SKIRT                         CHATSA'EET
SMALL                         KATAN
SOCKS                         GARBAYEEM
SON                           BEN
SOON                          BEKAROV
SOUP                          MARAK (M)
SPOON                         CUFF (F)
STAIR                         MUDREGA
STAMP                         BULL (M)
STEAK                         STAYK (M)
STEERING WHEEL                HEGEH (M)
STOMACH                       BETEN (F)
STRAWBERRY                    TOOT SADEH (M)
SUIT                          CHALEEFA
SUN                           SHEMESH (F/M)
SUNDAY                        YOM REESHON (M)
SYNAGOGUE                     BET KNESSET (M)
TABLE                         SHULCHAN
TABLECLOTH                    MAPA (F)
TEA                           TAY (M)
TELEPHONE                     TELEFON (M)
TEN                           ESER
THANKS                        TODA (F)
THERE                         SHAM
THIEF                         GANAV (M)
THREE                         SHALOSH
THURSDAY                      YOM CHAMISHEE
TICKET(M)                     KARTEES
TO                            L'
TOILET(PL)                    SHERUTIM
TOMATO                        AGVANYA (F)
TOWEL                         MAGEVET (F)
TRAFFIC LIGHTS                RAMZOR (M)
TRAIN                         RAKEVET (F)
TREE                          ETS (M)
TROUSERS                      MICHNASAYEEM
TUESDAY                       YOM SHLEESHEE
TWELVE                        SHTEIM ESRAY
TWENTY                        ESREEM
TWO                           SH'TAYIM
TYRE (Tire)                   TZAMIG (M)
UNDER                         MITACHAT
UNDERPANTS                    TACHTONEEM
VALLEY                        EMEK (M)
VERY                          MEOD
WAGES                         MASKORET (F)
WAITER                        MELTZAR (M)
WALL                          KEER
WANTS                         ROTZEH
WATER                         MAYIM (M PL)
WEDNESDAY                     YOM REVE'EE
WEEK                          SHAVOO'A (M)
WHAT                          MA
WHEEL                         GALGAL (M)
WHEN                          MATAY
WHERE                         AYFO
WHITE                         LAVAN
WHO                           MEE
WHY                           LAMA
WIFE                          EESHA
WINDOW                        CHALON
WINE                          YAYIN (M)
WORD                          MEELA
WORKER                        OVED (M)
WOUND                         PETZA (M)
YEAR                          SHANA (F)
YES                           KEN
YOUNG                         TZA'EER
ZERO                          EFES

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