Memory Improvement eBooks

Memory Improvement eBooks


Both books are co-authored by Dr Michael Gruneberg, the author of Linkword language courses.

The books cover advice on the following:

  • Remembering names and faces
  • Remembering numbers, e.g., telephone numbers, bank account numbers.
  • Remembering points for exams
  • Remembering jokes
  • Remembering points to make at meetings and when giving talks
  • Remembering ideas that come to you in bed at night or when you can’t write them down
  • Remembering how to spell words that cause you problems

There is also advice on how to overcome memory blocks, e.g., tip of the tongue experiences.

Both Dr Gruneberg and his co-author, Professor Doug Herrmann of Indiana State University are internationally recognised experts on memory improvement. Both are previous presidents of the International Learned Society for Research in Memory and Cognition. Both authors have published many studies on memory improvement and both authors have published Books with leading academic publishers such as Academic press, John Wiley, Pearson, Mcgraw Hill, Routledge etc..

Dr Gruneberg also scripted and advised two programmes on Memory improvement for the BBC.

Improve Your Memory eBook

In this E-book, two of the world’s leading memory experts risk their reputations by describing their most embarrassing memory failures. Using an entirely novel approach, they show the causes of these memory failures, how they have learned to avoid them – and how you can do the same.

You will learn how health and mental fitness affect your memory and how to make best use of the world about us as reminders. You will also discover fascinating techniques for improving your memory for everyday tasks, such as remembering names and faces, telephone numbers, appointments with the dentist, and facts for examinations. Finally, there is a questionnaire that will enable you to work out the causes of your own memory failures and help you to prevent these failures happening again.

This eBook has 128 pages in total.

Your Memory Is Better Than You Think eBook

Many popular books have been written on memory. Almost all of these tell the user how to improve their memory, and they all give advice that works. Thus, while this book will also show you how you can use memory aids and memory devices to improve your memory for names, faces, foreign languages, ideas, examinations and many other useful tasks, it does much more than this.

This eBook has 174 pages in total.