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Memory Improvement eBooks by Dr M.Gruneberg (Author of Linkword) and Professor D.Herrmann
These two leading memory experts show how you simple memory techniques can help you pass exams, remember names and faces etc.

For example, using simple memory methods (mnemonics), such as remembering the first letters of key points you want to make, can significantly improve exam performance*. The most famous example of such a mnemonic is Richard Of York Gave battle In Vain for the colour of the rainbow. However students need to know  it is best done by going over the Mnemonics on a specific time schedule. That way you won’t forget them!! Similarly you need to know when and when not to use memory aids to remember names, faces etc.

The two eBooks also cover techniques for preventing memory failures-a topic very few memory improvement books cover. eBooks £5.99 each.

*S Mcdougal and M Gruneberg (2002) Applied Cognitive Psychology

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Linkword Languages Combined Pack of ‘Survival Courses’ eBooks in 30 different languages
Combined pack of 30 different Linkword Language Survival Courses with over 200 words per course together for only £39.99.

Each course consists of approximately 200 words which can be learned in an astonishing 2-3 hours – far faster than normal learning speed. The courses will enable you to learn an amazing amount of targeted useful words in a wide range of languages.

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Linkword Languages ‘Survival Courses’ eBooks in 16 different languages
Individual Survival Courses are available to download for only £5.99 per language.

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