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Why Linkword?

  • A large number of independent studies show that Linkword is up to 3 times faster than normal learning methods.
  • Our courses are built upon the science and principles of memory enhancement. These include methods of association, spaced retrieval, optimal colour-ways and testing patterns specifically designed to increase your speed of learning. It works!
  • In only 10-12 hours you will have an extensive vocabulary AND enough grammar for basic dialogue and communication.
  • By the time you finish one of our level 4 courses you will have a really extensive vocabulary (approximately 1200 words) and associated grammar.
  • Level 4 will enable you to read and understand the average newspaper article, watch a foreign language film and converse with people in a very wide range of situations abroad.
  • More than 750,000 people have already enjoyed learning and greatly boosted their language confidence with Linkword.
  • Linkword courses work equally and powerfully well whether you have previously been good or not so good at language learning. Studies also show Linkword as being highly beneficial for dyslexic learners.
  • Our courses are ideal for pleasure, travel, business and schoolwork. Linkword is the perfect exam revision aid or as a refresher to previous studies and a great backup for those attending evening classes.
  • Versions are available for all your devices so you can choose how and when it best suits you to learn: at home with your Mac or PC, on the train using your IoS or Android tablet/phone or listening to the MP3 Audio version when you are out and about (yes, lots of people enjoy Linkword whilst in the gym or out running!)